I’d like to introduce you to the inspiration for “West Running Wild’. This is Holly the dog and Pebbles the cat. Holly is a one year old terrier cross, with every bad trait a dog can have. Some days she makes me wonder, why did I get a puppy?  But then she does something so cute you can’t help but love her.


Pebbles was the inspiration for the toilet dweller. This cat is my baby. I love her to pieces but, I have to admit, I’m her slave. If she wants a cuddle, she gets one. Yes, she is sat on my laptop in this picture.

We have no idea why but pebbles is obsessed with the bathroom. You can’t go to the toilet without letting her join you. As you can imagine this can be quite embarrassing if we have guests. She also likes to play with water as it comes out of the tap.  Needless to say, a couple of the incidents in “West Running Wild” have genuinely happened in our house.

cat v1

But as anyone with pets knows, you take the good with the bad. You learn to love the little quirks. It’s not always easy and can often leave you swearing as you pull your hair out from the roots, but its worth it, especially when they show their love or make you laugh.




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