I officially hate writing a synopsis. What more can i say?

After a week of editing and reading I finally had to give in and write this dreadful thing, and I can honestly say, It’s the hardest thing I’ve written so far. The book was easy in comparison.

How anyone expects you to fit 188 page book into 3 pages I will never know. After 5 hours of squashing and squeezing I finally managed to shrink it down to the size I needed. Whether it’s any good, I really have no idea.

I seriously think there should be a 0.08pt font size on Word so you can fit more on the page, after all, it’s not like you can’t enlarge the screen to read it. Maybe I should suggest it to Microsoft.

unfortunately that option isn’t open to us yet so I had to manage the old-fashioned way and I am so glad it’s done, I just hope it’s good enough, only time will tell but I can officially say I’m ready to submit to publishers. It’s a scary thought.




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