The Stubbornness Of Men

A few weeks ago my other half and I went on a mini break. Let me point out, I have two teenage daughters, so this was a major event for us. It was the result of a complaint we made last year, about our holiday. Unlike many we stay in England for our holidays. My… Continue reading The Stubbornness Of Men


The Right Way To Write.

As a writer, who has not yet reached author status (still trying to get my first book published), I find myself reading a lot of advice articles and discussions about how you should write. This appears to be a subject which people are very opinionated about, and it leads me to ask the question… Is… Continue reading The Right Way To Write.


My characters came home.

It’s one in the morning and I’m about to go to bed, feeling extremely satisfied. After discovering where my latest book had gone wrong, I’ve spent all evening rewriting chapter thirteen, and writing a brand new chapter fourteen. Once I started writing the words flowed from me, and I suddenly knew exactly where the story… Continue reading My characters came home.


Happy Easter From A Shop Assistant.

As Easter Sunday approaches I’ve found myself spending more and more time at the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job). Writing has taken a back burner to earning the almighty pound. However, it did give me inspiration for this blog post. I’ve developed new amazement for the general public. As some may know, my DDJ is shop… Continue reading Happy Easter From A Shop Assistant.


hey, suck on this

Originally posted on The Shameful Sheep:
I go to the post office multiple times a week, so lately I’ve been trying to befriend the women who work there. It’s proven to be difficult because, let’s face it, most government employees have the personality of a sullen teenager who’s mastered the art of sighing and being…


People and Planets.

I’m currently deeply engrossed in writing my book Ethereal Lives. The story has taken over my mind at the moment. However I find I’ve hit one snag, which is causing me to seriously question why I decided to write a science fiction romance. That snag is names. Names of people and names of places. I… Continue reading People and Planets.