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As some people know, I’ve recently had a four day break with my other half. It was lovely. However during that time I did discover a new pet hate of mine which I feel I must have a moan about. I simply can’t be the only person to encounter this.

What I’m referring to is the new craze the local councils seem to have with fitting local amenities with sensors. Over the past four days, I’ve decided this has to be one of the stupidest ideas they have ever had.

Okay, I know this isn’t the nicest of topics, but really, someone needs to voice what we are all thinking. They are awful.

Personally, I find they make it impossible for you to use the lavatory without making it flush half way through by simply leaning back too far.

It, again, decides to flush if you attempt to reach for some toilet paper. I do not need to voice what the result of this is as I’m sure many of you will already know. Needless to say, it’s not pleasant. I can’t help wondering if the councils are attempting to move up in the world by building a toilet and bidet in one. Personally I can think of much better things they could spend my council tax on.

I would also point out, these new devices are not confined to lavatories. They are also present on the sinks.

Unfortunately where the toilet ones go off if you just breathe in their direction, the sink ones require you to practically touch them with your hand, before you turn on the water. This usually results in the tap starting while your wrists are still under the forset,  causing any top that is long sleeved to get drenched,  as you hasten to remove it from the spray.

I have no idea if these devices are confined to England, or if other countries are also deciding they are the way of the future. Personally I would prefer they stayed in the past. Not all modern devices are an improvement.


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