People and Planets.

I’m currently deeply engrossed in writing my book Ethereal Lives. The story has taken over my mind at the moment. However I find I’ve hit one snag, which is causing me to seriously question why I decided to write a science fiction romance.

That snag is names. Names of people and names of places. I never before realised how hard it could be to invent alien names.

As I randomly make up words and try to piece them together, in some way that sounds reasonable. I can’t help wonder how others manage it.

I admit to briefly looking at name generators on the Internet. I even played with one for a moment, to see what it came up with. In the end I abandoned it though. It felt too much like cheating.

So I sit at my computer for hours on end. Pressing different combinations of letters, in the hope they will eventually sound right. Luckily, occasionally they do.

Now I just need to convince my family, that since I’ve gone to so much trouble to make the words. I should be allowed to use them in scrabble.


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