Time Faries

As adults we all have basic abilities. Things that we naturally know. We all know one plus one equals two. We all know our left from our right. And we all know how to tell the time.  At least we all usually do.

However for some reason today the time telling ability totally left me and I have no idea why.

It’s strange that this skill, which I’ve been utilising for roughly thirty years, suddenly went,  with no warning.

It was with me this morning. I got up as usual and checked the clock, and I’m pretty sure it read eight-fifteen. So at some point between eight-fifteen this morning and two-fifty this afternoon, it deserted me.

I found out it had gone this afternoon, while sat in the car panicking because I believed we would be late for my daughters college interview.

After rushing everyone out of the door, at break neck speed (and fighting with the sat-nav for five minutes while it insisted the road we wanted didn’t exist) I stated that we would be lucky if we arrived on time. It was then that my, oh so helpful, other half decided to inform me that we had an hour and a half before her appointment, and it would only take forty-five minutes to get there.

Well, I stared at the clock on the car in shock. It read two-fifty. Not three-fifty as I expected to see. It couldn’t be right!

My (smug) other half then showed me his watch which also read two-fifty. With a frown I retrieved my phone from my bag. It also read two-fifty.

I was left confused and feeling rather silly. I’ve decided this could have only been caused by one of two things. Either clock fairies had snuck around my house, and changed all my clocks to play a prank on me. Or my ability to tell the time abandoned me for a short while.

So, in conclusion… Does anyone know how to catch fairies ?

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