Happy Easter From A Shop Assistant.

As Easter Sunday approaches I’ve found myself spending more and more time at the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job). Writing has taken a back burner to earning the almighty pound. However, it did give me inspiration for this blog post.

I’ve developed new amazement for the general public. As some may know, my DDJ is shop assistant, and over the past few days I’ve watched the population of our small(ish) town flock to our store, to buy mountains upon mountains of shopping. Many of these people were regular customers. I’m well aware of what they usually buy, but simply because our store is shutting for one day, they suddenly felt the need to panic buy, just incase they starved on Easter Sunday.

It amazes me, I can only compare it to when the Met Office issue a snow warning, and people suddenly feel the need to buy a months worth of bread… Just incase!

Just incase what? you may ask.

Well I can honesty say, I have no idea. Despite our town not being huge, if it snows, most roads are usually cleared within a day. Also, for people who are fortuitous enough to be employed in retail, such as myself. We are expected to attend work, even if a ten foot snow drift is blocking our door and the snow touches the roof of our car. Therefore the possibility of starvation is slim to non.

Yet still, they came in droves, each pushing trolleys piled high, with enough groceries to feed half of england for a week. Screaming children on tow, closely followed by moaning husbands.

I have to ask my self what these people expect to happen over Easter to cause them to buy so much. Is some great disaster going to occur, and I’ve not been told about it?

Oh, and I couldn’t possibly write this post without mentioning those wonderful people who left buying Easter Eggs until the very last moment. As I served the mountain buying many, I got constant interruptions by the frantic parents, who dashed in to ask where our Easter Eggs were. When I explained we had sold out, I got met with looks of disbelief.

Its amazing how when told something they don’t want to hear, people can become human lie detectors. They stare at you for a good minute to determine if you are telling the truth, before asking, “Are you sure?”

“Well let’s see, I’ve stood here serving parents for the past four hours, scanning  their eggs and listening to their children scream because they want them now. But I’m telling you there are none left, just so I can get to hear you moan too.” … Unfortunately these words must remain in my head, instead I smile sweetly and tell them, “I’m quite sure.” Then watch them walk out in a huff, as if I have single-handedly ruined their Easter.

As I said, sometimes human beings amaze me. Still, Easter is nearly upon us now. To those of you who left it until the last minute, I hope you got your eggs. To the people who brought mountains of shopping, I hope you didn’t forget anything, and to everyone… When your eating your eggs tomorrow or enjoying a roast dinner. Please spare a thought for the retail workers who did long hours, so you could get those things. And don’t worry, the shop will be back open on Monday, Promise!


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