The Right Way To Write.

As a writer, who has not yet reached author status (still trying to get my first book published), I find myself reading a lot of advice articles and discussions about how you should write.

This appears to be a subject which people are very opinionated about, and it leads me to ask the question… Is there a correct way to write?

So far I’ve had ideas for six books. I’ve completed one and am now working on three of the others. But if I were to listen to public opinion, many would say this is wrong of me.

A great deal of people believe you should start a work and finish it before moving onto another project. However I find, if I get writers block it is more beneficial for me to move onto something else, and then return to the project later with fresh eyes.

I also do not plan. I hear many people saying they plot out a story before writing. I don’t , I get an idea and start writing, making it up as I go along and see where the characters take me. When writing my completed book, I had no idea how the story would end until I hit chapter twenty, then inspiration struck.

I thoroughly understand the need to stick to your work in progress if you have a dead line, but should you always do that?

Common sense tells me we all write differently. We each have our own unique voice, so why should the way we transfer that voice to paper/computer always be the same?

Yet there are quite a few out there that believe it should be. And I do have to mention that, unlike me, quite a few of them are successful, published authors.

Does the way you work contribute in anyway to the success you receive?

Personally it does cause me to question my methods, and wonder if I’m going about this writing thing the right way.



5 thoughts on “The Right Way To Write.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself. There’s only one way to write and that’s by putting words on paper, whatever works for you is right. I too went through everything you’re going through but hey I published and people loved my book. Do it your own way and you’ll be fine. Follow others supposed rules and you’ll become a carbon copy of them…. now I’m sure you don’t want that. Have fun, relax and just write… Oh and good luck, you’ll be awesome 🙂


  2. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with having multiple projects going at the same time. It sounds like, though, you might be unhappy with the speed at which you’re progressing on all your projects.

    Maybe check out Chris Fox’s 5000 WPH? I’m not sure that you’ll find all the ideas helpful, but some of it may work for you. It sure helped me!

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  3. Writing is like having the guessing disease, we always question our work.
    Theres no right or wrong way. Sounds like you are a pantser like me, and plenty v.successful authors are the same.
    I guess more rule base people like structure and planning.
    When I tackle my next book I will plan a bit, as one of my projects flailed a little, but its always a learning process 🙂
    Best of luck on your novels.


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