Inspiration with April Zyon @aprilzyon #WickedWednesday

Naughty Quills


Today on Wicked Wednesday I am talking about Inspiration. It comes in all shapes and sizes and truly it could be anywhere if you just look. I’ve had so many people ask me the following question…

“Where do you get the inspiration for your books?”

That one is easy to answer. I get inspiration everywhere. I can look at someone in the car next to me and I’m thinking to myself… what if… and a story will start. I can see a couple arguing and I wonder what its about so I begin to tell myself a story.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, literally. Another place is people watching.


I’m a huge fan of people watching. I know how cliche and terrible that sounds but seriously, do it some time and you will see your wheels turning and a story starting. All that I can say is if you don’t…

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