Post it Back.

As a rule I avoid politics on my blog. Who anyone votes for is their own business and like wise everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So this post, I promise is not about politics.

It is simply about my disgust that our tax money has gone on this.


Anyone from England will know what this is. It’s a leaflet that our government spent £9m (yes that does mean nine million pounds) of our tax money to produce. So they could send one to every house in the UK.

In this day and age when crime is an everyday occurrence, unemployment is at one of its highest rates. People are living on the streets, the NHS is taking cut after cut in its budget. I’m sooo glad to know the tax, they take from my wages is being used wisely. (yes that is sarcasm)

As I said this is not about politics, I don’t care what political party did this. They could be a party that paints their skin gold, walks around wearing foil hats on their heads and greets everyone with a vulcan live long and prosper sign, for all I care… It’s a waste of money!

I’m sure it would have been a lot cheaper to simply put the information on the Internet, or even make an advert for TV.

A certain MP, who I’m not going to name. (because I don’t want to make this a post about what party is right) suggested that we put a stamp on them and post them back to no. 10 Downing St. I personally think this is a brilliant idea to show what we thing of this blatant waste of our tax money.

I intend to put a stamp on it and post it back and heartily encourage others to do the same.

4 thoughts on “Post it Back.

  1. Even better, send it by freepost and they have to pay the postage. No wait, they’ll use our taxes for that too.

    You are absolutely right though, complete waste of money that could have gone to getting people off the streets.


    1. Apparently if you send it by free post it goes to a random department at downing Street. If you put a stamp on it goes to Cameron’s personal mail box. I’d rather it goes to the personal one so he has to see it lol

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