The Joy Of Rejection

Today I got my first rejection letter. After nearly seven weeks of waiting for a response to my submission, an email from the publishers finally appeared in my inbox… And it said no!

20160415_210134 I can’t really say im surprised, it was my first submission, of my first manuscript. Chances of success were slim, though obviously I still felt that bit of disappointment that the publisher didn’t think my book is as wonderful as I do. Still, you can’t please everyone.

So I spent ten minutes sulking at the injustice of it all, then it was time to decide what to do next.

First course of action, get my sister to explain the rejection letter to me…

The first bit I understood… “While I enjoyed your characterisation and the family dynamics explored in this novel,”… Yay I actually got something right, let me give my self a pat on the back.

The second bit left me scratching my head… “I’m afraid the narrative was, at times, rather difficult to engage with.” Does this mean my book was boring?

Is there some guide out there that I don’t know about which helps you understand editor speak?

Well I can honestly say I had no idea what this means, so I called on big Sis. Who just happens to be a published author and has plenty of experience with letters from editors.

Packing up my letter in another email I forwarded it to big Sis and sat waiting for her to reply, with her pearls of wisdom, explaining what I needed to do to improve my book.

Half an hour later the ping of my email told me she had replied, impatiently opening the email I scanned it, to see what the editor was trying to tell me and… Big Sis didn’t know either 😦

So where did this leave me?

Well on Sister’s advice I’m going to hunt out beta readers for more opinions. Where to find them, I haven’t a clue. Do they have their own little clubs where they sit reading with coffee and biscuits? If they do I want to join!

Who knows, but hopefully I can find someone out there willing to spend a few hours reading my book and telling me where I’ve gone wrong, because I’m not ready to give up yet.




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