How I Spent My Day Off!

I started today with one clear goal in mind. I was going to finish my first draft of “Ethereal Lives”

With no day job to go to and the house to my self, my mind was going into over drive as planned out how the story would end. And so my day began…

8.30 am – I dragged my self out of bed after a much shorter lie-in than planned, all excited about finishing my latest story.

9.30 am – Despite my eagerness to finish my WIP certain daily chores had to be completed first. Which is why at this time I found myself cleaning out the guinea pigs.

9.40 am – A loud crash made me jump, spinning around I found my other half’s table top drum kit laying on the floor and a very innocent looking cat sitting where it once had been.

20160428_1607429.42 am – I’m in the process of retrieving said drum kit from the floor and trying to figure out how to reassemble it when a thump draws my attention.

9.43 am – I’m dragging the (not so innocent) cat out of the guinea pig cage, spitting and clawing.


9.50 am – As I comfort poor little Boo, who had the misfortune of briefly sharing her cage with Pebbles the Predator I come to the conclusion that my cat is a very sneaky and cunning feline.

20160428_16065310.00 am – With the guinea pigs settled and Pebbles back on her palace, it’s finally time to do some writing. Coffee in hand I sat at my computer and started to type.

12.00 pm – Realising the washing machine had finished I take a brief break to sort the washing out and get a fresh load.

12.30 pm – I’m lying on my bed room floor trying desperately to get my dog to come out from under the bed. Why is my dog hiding under the bed you might ask?

Well, my dog is in season and being young she hasn’t been neutered yet. I love my dogs and would never dream of shutting her away in another room over this so instead she wears hygiene pants… which she hates!

Ordinarily she wears blue ones which fit well, today she didn’t. Today she wore the pink girly ones.

Do they look adorable? Yes.

Can she remove them in two seconds flat, if given half the chance? Yes.

20160428_16054912.35 pm – I’m still lying on the bedroom floor trying to get her to come out from under the bed.

Did I mention I have a very bad back? Well I do. It’s so bad I have steroid injection in  it on a regular basis. I had some done two days ago so am currently suffering with pain.

12.40 pm – I’m still on the bedroom floor, lying like a beached whale. The dogs running around laughing at me as I try to figure out how I’m going to get back up again.

12.50 pm – After a great deal of effort and some fancy use of a broom, using it as a barrier to prevent her getting back under the bed. I finally caught the dog.

1.o5 pm – I’m back at my computer typing at last, words flow from me as my creativity takes hold.

1.o7 pm – The dog wants the toilet.

This may seem like a minor interruption, and normally it would be. However normally the dog isn’t wearing pants.

1.20 pm – I’m stood at the back door trying to encourage the dog to come back in the house. The rain is pouring, the dog is barking. Pebbles the Predator, who isn’t allowed outside, keeps trying to sneak past my leg. The new neighbours who are moving in today are being welcome by the constant sound of barking as the dog tells me off.

1.35 pm – I’m chasing my wet dog around the living room, evading the pants has becomes her new favorite game.

1.55 pm – Finally settled back in front of my computer, dog in pants beside me, I start to write once more.

2.15 pm – My new neighbours start drilling… and drilling… and drilling. I have to wonder if this was retaliation for the 35 minutes of barking they had to endure.

3.00 pm – Child one, home from school.

5.00 pm – Other half home from work.

5.10 pm – Child two arrives home.

5.30 pm – prepare tea.

7.00 pm – I finally completed my first draft of “Ethereal Lives”

So that was my day off. It didn’t go at all as expected. But it did end the way I hoped.

With my first draft of “Ethereal Lives” complete I think its time I sat and relaxed with a nice glass of sherry.

8.15 pm – Time to edit!



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