The Cruelty Of Children

Every once in a while, a parent has a moment that leaves them stunned and with no idea what to do.

I had one of those moments tonight. Tonight my fifteen-year-old daughter told me she is being bullied. I found myself sat with her cry for an hour as she explained what has been happening at school.

What started as a malicious rumour has escalated and escalated until my daughter feels alienated and rejected, facing abuse at school, and on social media at home.

My first instinct as her mother is to hunt out every little toe-rag who has dared to call her a name and give them the good hiding they so richly deserve. I want to know why they need to put other people down in order to make themselves feel good. I want to know in what way they were raised that makes them think this behaviour is alright.

Most of all I want to know why they don’t see what an amazing person my daughter is. She’s beautiful and loving and the funniest person I know, Not a day goes by where she doesn’t make me laugh with some kind of story. No matter how sad I am, she can make me smile. On days when my back is so bad I can hardly move, she helps me dress. She would do anything to help anyone, and the reason she didn’t tell me about this sooner was because she didn’t want me to be upset.

Even when she’s crying daily, facing snide remarks and constant taunts throughout the day, and believing she has brought it on herself because she lets them bother her, she was thinking about me.

She fears me speaking to the school about it because if the bullies are approached by the teachers they will bully her even more, but I find myself unable to ignore this. As a mother, I can’t sit and watch my daughter cry for over an hour and do nothing. I just pray when I speak to the school, I don’t make things worse.

I want to wrap her in cotton wool and take away the pain in her heart. I want her to see herself through my eyes, to know how precious she is, I want her to know she is loved!




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