They’re More Scared Of You.

They’re More Scared Of You than you are of them!

This has got to be one of my most hated sayings. When ever I saw a spider as a child this was constantly said. And it keeps springing to mind recently as the hot weather bring an onslaught of them into my house.

Whoever came up with it  obviously had no idea what they were talking about.
I came to this conclusion earlier when an eight legged menace came hurtling towards me across the bathroom floor.

As I screamed and ran from the room,  jumping over it in the process. (this was a major feat for me). I decided there was no way the creature was scared of me. This was confirmed when it suddenly changed direction and proceded to chase me from the room, thumping it’s pit boots on the tiled floor and listening to words of encouragement from the flies riding a saddle on its back.

The look of glee on its face as I cowered in the hallway leads me to believe that this was some kind of sport for it.

I’ve now decided these creatures are most definitely not more scared of me than I am of them!

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