What’s next?

With “Ethereal Lives” safely sent off to beta readers once more I find my self stuck for what to write.

Please don’t misunderstand I’m not stuck for ideas. Rather I have too many.

I have three different stories I want to write but can’t decide which to work on.

Idea 1
Probably the most obvious one to work on.  “Ethereal Lost” book two of the Ethereal series. As I was nasty enough to leave book one on a cliffhanger common sense says I should work on book two.

But idea 2 is calling to me.

Idea 2
A modern day twist of Cinderella. “The, Not So Ugly (step) Sister” Yes I know. It’s been done a thousand times but I promise mine is original.
This is a story I’ve already started while writing “Ethereal Lives”.  I’m currently five chapters in and loving it. Though it’s looking to be a novella rather than a novel.

This brings me to idea 3

Idea 3
“15 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex.”
Ok the title is long and will undoubtedly get changed but this is an idea I can up with about a month ago that keeps festering. After an evening of brain storming with my daughter (who turned out to have quite an evil streak…. I’m so proud). I had this book plotted out. Imagine the things you would do to get revenge on someone if you could. Im seriously looking forward to writing this one.

So what do I write?
If only I had a three sided could to flip. Someone tell me what to do!


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