Tick Tock

After weeks of editing,  and ignoring my poor blog, “Ethereal Lives” has finally been sent to a publisher. I don’t mind admitting that I thought this day would never come.

As my beta readers spotted plot hole after plot hole in my work. All things got forgotten as I tried desperately to fill in the gaps.

A week ago I thought it was done. The grammar was checked, the holes were filled, the story was complete.

And then I discussed my story with a friend.

All of a sudden inspiration hit. The next three books in the series entered my head. I suddenly knew exactly what was going to happen,  and how they were going to all join together… But it meant book three had to become book two.

So I was back to editing. Carefully picking my way through my story. Dropping hints and sly suggestions as to what was to come in book two.

Then it was back to my friend and beta reader to read once more. And then a read through again my self. Add in one final grammar and spell check…

And finally it was done!

Today I tackled my synopsis, wrote my query letting and shipped everything off in a nice little email to the publishers.

So now I wait. As the clock ticks away, each second counting down until I hear back with an answer. I take a breather…

Until tomorrow when I start book two.





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