I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Don’t you hate it when you’ve struggled all evening to find the right words. Your desperate to carry on with you story but no matter what you put it doesn’t sound right.

Then all of a sudden inspiration hits. The muse returns and you know exactly what you want to say. The words flow, your fingers fly. Every sentence is golden.  Your characters are in your head cheering as you write down exactly what they want you to.

And then the clock strikes. You realise it’s gone eleven and if you don’t go to bed you will never get up for the Dreaded Day Job tomorrow.

Just ten more minutes, then ten turns into twenty, twenty to thirty.

Before you know it your humming Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Sleep When I’m dead” as you type so fast your fingers ache.

Then the clock strikes twelve and you realise like Cinderella, the fun is over. No matter how much you wish otherwise tomorrow will come. You do have to get up for work and you do need sleep.

So you say good night to the muse. Pray the inspiration let’s your brain rest and trudge of to bed.

Just don’t forget to say a prayer that the muse comes back tomorrow.

Good night all.

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