The Waiting Game

Okay, I hate waiting.
I’ve officially decided that I suck at it.

I submitted my manuscript one week ago and already the waiting is driving me nuts.

The publisher I’ve sent it to say there is a three to five week wait. Which I’m well aware is a very good time span.

But let’s be honest. I have the patience of a two year old who knows she can have sweets after her dinner.

I’ve always been a “I want it and I want it now” kind of girl. Admittedly this can make life very interesting in some instances, unfortunately this isn’t one of them.

So I decided I needed to work on book 2  to distract myself and then the dreaded writers block hit. This time it wasn’t a cat sitting on my laptop but an actual block.

My characters started staging a protest and refused to tell me what to write. Four bloody days they sat on their bums and left me staring at a black screen. I think it was payback from making one of them cry at the end of chapter one.

Anyway, today they finally came round to my way of thinking and started talking again. Chapter two got completed and I think I know how three is going to be.

But in the back of my mind I’m still waiting. Twiddling my thumbs and checking my email every half hour.

Why do I do that when I know it’s going to be weeks before I hear anything???

Because I hate waiting!

Rant over!  Sorry lol.


6 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Turn your emails OFF. Step away from the email program.

    I am on a 90 day wait on one publisher and an 8 week (usual turn around if not official timescale) on another.

    And my 4 day weekend (*bragging*) isn’t exactly being productive. Opened Scrivener this morning and have barely looked at it – haven’t written a single word.

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