Fortunate Floods.

Anyone who lives in England will know we are currently waiting for summer to arrive.

We have had nearly a full week of constant rain where I live and it doesn’t seem to want to stop.

To some people this is merely annoying but for a few on our Street it brings fear.

As the rain pours they start checking to make sure their house isn’t going to flood.

One came very close to flooding yesterday but in true neighbourly fashion we all rallied round to make sure it didn’t happen. Buckets in hand and brooms to the ready we set about diverting the rain around her house.


Today it rained some more. I must admit at one point I thought my own home might flood as by yard filled with water.


Luckily it didn’t. However the access road to our estate did flood. This is something that happens every year and despite our best efforts to warn people they still try to drive through the water.


When cars get stuck like this, once again the neighbours come together to help out.

I can’t help thinking how thankful I am that when something like this happens I live in a place where we all run to each others aid. We don’t stand on the side lines an watch. We roll up our sleeves and muck in anyway we can.

I hope you are all as fortunate as I am with your neighbours.

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