Keep Up Kids

Last week was an important week for me. My eldest daughter turned eighteen.


Needless to say this makes me feel extremely old. It also makes it hard for me to continue saying I’m only twenty-nine, which I’m not best pleased about but since the moment was inevitable I decided to enjoy it.

A evening out was called for to introduce my daughter to the local pubs and nightlife. So on Saturday we crammed into our people carrier and off we went to be dropped off at our first pub.

Now our party consisted of young and old. The one in the middle is my daughter.


It was agreed that later in the evening we would go our separate ways. The young wanted to go to a night club where us older ones wanted to go to a late night pub we were used to.

So our night began. We went from pub to pub drinking lager and throwing in a few shots along with a couple of cocktails, but eventually it was eleven PM and time to part ways.

With a number of hugs and promises to be careful, stick together and ensureing they had enough money… We left the young ones at the door to their club and went on our way.

We danced, we sang and had a brilliant time until our feet ached, our backs hurt and our throats were sore. At about two AM we decided we’d had enough. Food was calling and our beds were waiting.

We staggered from the pub and weaved our way towards the smell of fried chicken. It was at this point that I thought I’d text the young ones and inform them we were headed home.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my phone to see a text from my daughters boyfriend. It was sent at five past twelve. And it simply said “we are home”

While my friends and I were dancing the night away. And quite literally licking windows.


My friend not me…. Lol

The young ones were already tucked up in bed with their slippers and hot chocolate.

It appears the youth of today have no stamina… They have a lot to learn bless them.

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