Out Of Time 

Well, last week I passed the date when I should have heard back from the publisher, which leaves me feeling extremely deflated.

I think I’d rather get a rejection than nothing.

Now I find myself in limbo wondering what to do.

I already know who I’m submitting to next but do I do it or do I wait a bit longer?

Its all very annoying!

On the plus side despite book one not being published…. Yet. Book two is coming along well, thanks to camp nanowrimo helping me stay on track.

Alright, nearly staying on track.

Okay. I’m 4 days behind… Sims 4 is addictive.

But I will catch up tonight… Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Out Of Time 

  1. I see you are also doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year. I have done the November challenge for many years but this is my first year doing the July Camp. I hope you hear from the publisher soon. Have you considered self-publishing?


    1. Hello. I have considered self publishing but truthfully I just can’t afford an editor and feel my writing is good enough to publish without editing. It has been through beta readers but obviously they are not professionals.


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