The Conjuring 2

A very accurate review of the film.

Movie Truth

Dir: James Wan, 2016


conjuring 2 (2)

James Wan is capable of scaring the shit out of people. It’s a talent that very few people are born with and Wan was born with a bucket load of it.

So, why does he fail, here?

I suspect that he actually doesn’t fail at all and delivers the goods. But, with me being English, I’m so used to hearing this story and all the facets of the case that any scares left to be had have all been exhausted a long time ago.

The story goes that in 1977 a series of poltergeist activity was recorded in a council house situated in Brimsdown, Enfield.

The target of the alleged haunting was the Hodgson family. Occupied by single mum, Peggy, sisters Margaret and Janet and the brothers Johnny and Billy. The case became well known through out the whole of Britain after it was reported…

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