Ghostbusters (2016)

I have to say this sums the film up brilliantly… You get caught up with it and enjoy the laughs then suddenly you will see a scene that is just like the original and it’s ruins it. I did enjoy the jokes but it just wasn’t original enough.

Movie Truth

Dir: Paul Feig, 2016


ghostbusters 2016 (2)

A loving homage to a revered and adored classic? Or a trampling and destroying of a revered and adored classic?

The question is, is it a reboot or a remake? Well, it’s both. Feig wants to have his cake and eat it. Some scenes are direct recreations. Parts of the dialogue, are lifted verbatim. But, by reversing the genders, it tries to be a reboot.

We’re not going to get the yearned for Ghostbusters III (or IV, depending on whether you count the 2009 game). That’s pretty obvious.

So, what do you do? Bring it out, again, with new stars, writers, directors.

With a film like 1984’s Ghostbusters, you’re not going to get a fair opinion on this. Let me explain why:

Die hard fans of the film (“Ghostheads” as they are known) will love it, and embrace it, simply because it’s Ghostbusters.

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