Costa Del Skeg

Well I’m ashamed to say that writing has been forgotten for the past couple of weeks. I finished Camp Nanowrimo without hitting my word count. I ended up doing 32,773 of the 50,000 I was aiming for, though it meant I didn’t finish ‘Ethereal Longing’, I did manage to get it close to completion. It’s no excuse but  my holiday took over, basically the preparation and then, enjoyment of!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, we holiday in England, mainly in caravans. (for some reason my other half thinks they are amazing.) So, with two weeks off work we packed up the car and headed off to Costa Del Skeg.

Yes, as a Midlands lass we holiday in Skegness. 20160804_155959Granted, the sea is brown and if you dip a toe in it you risk growing three more, but its all part of its charm. (That what I tell the kids, anyway.)

This year was slightly different as for the first time we took the dogs on holiday with us. 20160730_074234I’ve mentioned before that my dogs are my babies. Well, with no one to have my younger dog, Holly, because she is… shall we say, special?… I decided if we were going away, they were coming too.

Okay, this did present a few problems, since Holly is scared of cars, crowds, wont walk past anything she doesn’t know and thinks she has to bark every two seconds or we’ll forget she’s there. But hey, it’s all part of the joy of being a dog owner right? So off we went for a whole eight days in a metal box with plug sockets.

Now some of you might remember that this isn’t our first trip to Skegness, this year. The fella and I took a trip back in March, which turned out to be rather eventful.

In short we ended up stuck in the mud. So how else would we start our holiday, than going to see if the section of the caravan park we destroyed, with our tyres, has been sorted yet? 20160730_183125

I can officially tell you… it hasn’t. It was with great pride that my other half discovered, the ground outside the last caravan we stayed in still has rather large holes. Luckily this was not the place we were staying this time.

Instead we were in a small park with only twelve caravans. Fewer people for Holly to annoy with her barking, and always a plus when if you sneeze people can hear you three caravans over.

So, my self, my fella, my youngest and my two dogs settled into our home for the next week. First order of business, blocking off the veranda. As you can see from my pictures my dogs are small. Jerry, my Yorkie, is tiny and Holly is what I call a runner. Remember when I said she is special?… Add, can’t be trusted off the lead to that list. I have no idea why but despite training, if she gets out the front door she is gone, so I had to find a way to stop them climbing through the veranda bars… What great plan did I come up with?… Cling film!

Sounds good in theory doesn’t it? Wrap cling film around the bars to slow down attempted escapes. I maintain it would have worked if I hadn’t purchased the only cling film you can possibly buy that doesn’t cling!

Just my luck, but I did plan ahead for another thing. Namely the walking problem. In preparation for Holly refusing to walk, I purchased a dog pushchair. This served three purposes. a) Enabled me to move from place to place without carrying her everywhere, b) Gave me the ability to walk my dogs in and out of shops without anyone stopping me and c) Provided me with the chance to push a pushchair once more, something I havent done for roughly twelve years.

I don’t mind admitting I was extremely excited about this. Unfortunately, despite comments from my family about it being silly and me treating my dogs like children, as soon as the pushchair left the car, I found my self fighting for the chance to use it.

20160804_160053My fifteen year old suddenly decided the pushchair was cute and when I made the mistake of leaving it with the fella while I popped to the toilet, he suddenly realised two dogs in a pushchair makes women flock to you.

Needless to say, my chance to relive motherhood went dwindling down the drain.

But despite the pushchair Holly did improve her walking capabilities. she discovered the beach and after some prompting even went in the sea.20160805_153134

She does now appear to be growing an extra tail but we’re hoping it will fall off naturally.

So, that’s where I’ve been for the past two weeks. In all it was a good holiday. Despite a cloud monster drenching us in a down pour. And Holly performing the great escape, twice, causing me to chase her around the caravan park in my pyjamas to the amusement of the other guests.

20160804_160824But now its come to an end. Tomorrow I must return to the dreaded day job and back to normality. I’ll miss pushing my dogs around where ever I go but I’m at least returning with a tan and the knowledge that I get to do it all again next year. And for now… Holly’s fear of the car has gone!20160804_133140

I hope you all enjoy your holidays as much as we did… where ever you go!



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