Advice For The New Shop Assistant.

© Ahmed Aboul-seoud | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Today I decided to share some wisdom that I’ve accumulated over my years in the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job)

As I’ve mentioned before, I work as a shop assistant so here are just a few tips to help anyone else starting out in the same career.

  1. If the manager says they want to talk to you, it’s never a good thing.
  2. If they call you to the office, it’s worse.
  3. While walking to the office I advise racking your brain to think of anything you did wrong in the past week.
  4. If you happen to remember anything, try to think if the one person you hate was in that day, so you can blame them.
  5. There will always be one person you work with who you hate. Just remember, the customers are worse.
  6. When a customer asks if you work there, saying, “No, I just like the uniform,” is not the correct response.
  7. If a customer comes to you frowning, brace yourself. You’re about to get a run down of exactly what you personally, have done wrong to ruin their day.
  8. In a customer’s eye’s you are solely responsible for every item stocked in the store. If it’s sold out, it’s your fault.
  9. Remember, that you no longer know how to tell the truth, any reply you give to any question will automatically have to be confirmed by another member of staff.
  10. Above all, keep smiling. Even when Mr FuckWit asks if you work there before telling you his favourite type of chocolates are not in stock because you’re hoarding them all in the warehouse and lying about it… KEEP SMILING!



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