Longing to Halloween. 

Well,  it’s taken an evening of writing… And a few words from my other half, informing me that I was gazing at the telly. But Ethereal Longing is now complete… Well the first draft is.

I can honestly say I did wonder if it would ever get finished.  With writers block, holidays and of course, the dreaded day job, getting in the way. I did think it was a hopeless cause but two days ago inspiration struck and now it’s complete.

So what’s next?

Well,  naturally, it needs editing however, since I’m having no luck getting book one in the series published,  there is no hurry.

I have been working recently on a book I mentioned some time ago called “15 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex”  and it’s going well. It was my intention to continue with that but then I saw a picture on Facebook. (yes I know, I was supposed to be writing)

And it mentioned something that got me thinking.

Halloween 2016 is the first time in 666 years that Halloween falls on Friday 13th.

Picture is my own work. I love carving Halloween pumpkins.

Well, obviously it doesn’t,  despite what Facebook said… But Halloween having a Friday the 13th in the month does get my muse jumping up and down with glee.  I think it’s worthy of a story.  So off I go to bed with thoughts of witches,  ghosts and the Devil, running through my head.

Watch this space to see what ideas I come up with.


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