Damn Dog!

Courtesy of another blog I follow I have been informed that today is National Dog Day so since my dogs are my furbabies I couldn’t resist using it as an excuse to post pictures of them.

Firstly let me introduce Jerry, he is a Minature Yorkshire Terrier who stands smaller than a Chihuahua. 20151014_125231I got Jerry when he was two years old. A rescue dog, he wasn’t house trained, was very untrusting and snapped at anything unfamiliar. His teeth were rotten so he had to have extensive dental work done. The lack of teeth is why his tongue sticks out. He’d also had every one of his legs broken at some point in his life.

Jerry is now twelve years old. He likes to bark when I get home from work. He has very selective hearing and is starting to lose his sight. He also cuddles with anyone who will fuss him, gets on brilliant with other animals and children and even allows my best friend to put flowers in his hair when she dog sits. 11918939_10155935731675632_7164080681803620420_n

My other dog is Holly.20150919_162239 Holly is mongrel however since it has become so popular to give mongrels their own breeds, (eg. cockerpoo and labradoodle) I decided my baby deserved her own breed too, so meet Holly, my West-lapa-jack-shu  (West Highland Terrier cross Lhasa Apso cross Jack Russel cross Shih Tzu).

Holly got her name because she was born on Christmas day. Coming across her by chance on the internet, I fell in love and decided she just had to be mine. She lives up to her breed and definitely puts the terror in terrier. She barks, she digs. Chases any cat that doesn’t live here. Runs away, given half the chance. Took over seven months to house train and steals food.12342862_10156260986030632_3620900554566404460_n But I love her.

Despite her faults she is very loving, is always happy to see me and even cuddles with my cats, and gets cleaned in the process. 20160519_201958So that’s my dogs, they aren’t perfect. They are not the best trained dogs around but they are mine. My family. And I wouldn’t change them for the world. 20151008_23015512366370_10156313004165632_74186207174576913_n12074631_10156123652245632_3805421607007385111_n12540934_10156432954555632_7589702667360338056_n12342670_10156275145355632_3271847338740009065_n20160804_13314012347591_10156293286030632_7541722427048522447_n

Love a Dog On National Dog Day.


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