The Omega Nanny By Penelope Peters – Review


The Omega Nanny By Penelope Peters

Pages: 281

This is the first book I’ve read of the none shifter variety that deals with Alpha’s and Omega’s and I must admit I struggled to understand it.
As a stand alone book, I believe this should have been explained a bit better because I found myself wondering why the characters were classed as such.
Putting that aside I found this to be an alright read, although a bit slow.

The story is about Thomas, an Alpha and his need to acquire a new nanny for his daughter because his Beta sister is getting married (something that apparently wasn’t allowed before) (again, we need a bit more back story.) His sister hires Kieran a waiter in a local cafe who is an omega, Who it seems, shouldn’t be working for his own safety and belongs in the house married to an Alpha.
As you can imagine they both have feelings and they both fight them, neither wanting a relationship but in the end, they fall in love.
I’m not going to say this story is original because it’s not. It also could have done with a bit more action in my opinion as it just plodded along at a steady pace without any real excitement.
But on the whole, if you want a sweet m/m romance to occupy a couple of hours and make you go awww, its worth a read.

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