Playing For Keeps (Neighbours From Hell #1) By R. L. Mathewson – Review

I am a huge R. L. Mathewson fan and this book is easily one of my favourite books of all time.
Meet Haley, a shy school teacher who never learnt to say no.

Meet Jason, her next door neighbour who is a master at walking over people without realising it. Especially if they are in the way of food.

This is the story of how Jason teaches Haley to grow a back bone and Haley teaches Jason how to care. And along the way they fall in love.

Haley’s family are rich and superficial. The only one who appreciates what a nice person she is. Is her grandmother.

Jason decides to make it his mission to teach Haley how to stand up for herself.
As his family and friends take her under their wing, he finds himself careing about a woman for the first time in his life. But how long will it last? Especially when Haley is willing to do everything with him… Except sex!

This book is ridiculous in places, like when Jason ties himself to Haley’s bed, to scare off her date and it’s sad in places.  Like when he messes everything up and has to redeem himself. But one thing it is all the way through is captivating.

Guaranteed to make you laugh. This book is a must read for any romantic

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