Body Image. 

I know I posted this not long ago but the post I just rebloged reminded me of it. So please indulge me while I once again share my daughters poetry. I’m so proud that she is such a smart and talented young lady. 

Body Image 

Society has forced body image down your throat, so blindly, it doesn’t realise it’s choking you.

For some reason, you’re convinced the scales in the bathroom, and the game of golf have the same rules applied.

The number slowly lessens, excitement hits the back of your throat. 

You feel it bubble down into your stomach. You hear it hit the bottom, like a drop of water in an empty glass. 

You’re stuffing your face with photoshop. Chewing thigh gaps and feeling the waistline sliver down your oesophagus.

Now, full on model material, you continue to google the calories in oxygen.

Before society can force body image down your throat, it needs to step on the scales and see how much it’s been weighing you down.

maybe then, when your stomach growls, it won’t sound like music to your ears.

Just time to eat!


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