Should I Capitalise It?

Today I’m asking for some advice.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have written a book called Ethereal Lives. I currently have a new beta reader looking over it and she raised an interesting point that I must admit, has stumped me.

In the beginning of the book the aliens refer to my heroine as it instead of her. As you can probably guess from the title, I want to know if the “it” should be capitalised.

My beta reader believes “it” should be as they are using the word as a name for the heroine, and she has a good point. However, they are saying “it” because they think of her as an object, not a person, so I’m not so sure.

I’ve obviously tried researching this but have been unsuccessful in finding an answer, so I thought I’d ask you lovely people.

Should “it” be capitalised?

Please leave a comment if you know the answer.



2 thoughts on “Should I Capitalise It?

  1. It should only be capitalized if you are using the word in place of a proper name. For example, if there was some translation problem and they actually believe she is named It. For any other situation the word should not be capitalized because even using “it” as a pronoun the word would not be capitalized. For example, “Who is it?” rather than “Who is she?”.


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