Perfection By R.L. Mathewson – Review


As an R.L.Mathewson fan, I have read all of her books but this one is my favourite.
Although it can be read as a stand alone it also brings back characters from her Neighbours From Hell book 1 and I highly advise reading them in order, just because they are so funny.
This story is about Trevor and Zoe.
Trevor, like Jason, sufferers from the Bradford food obsession or as he refers to it, disability. Something that I find hysterical.
Trevor wants the perfect wife and he has very specific ideas about what his idea of perfect is.
Zoe is his tenant and about as far from his idea of perfection as you can get. But that doesn’t stop him wanting her.
When they start a no strings affair, he thinks it’s exactly what he needs to get her out of his system but her smart wit, soft curves and tendency to screw him over just for laughs soon help her to creep her way into his heart.
Trevor’s Family love her and even though she isn’t skinny, can’t cook, has no family of her own and snuck a dog into the house, Trevor begins to love her too. But has he already messed up his chances?
In true Bradford fashion, he makes mistake after mistake however, we can’t help but love his character, despite him being egotistical.
Zoe is your average everyday woman who anyone can relate to. She isn’t perfect and she knows she isn’t but she has a heart of gold. knows how to have a laugh and keeps Trevor in line brilliantly.

If you love a good romance that will make you laugh out loud, this book is a must!

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