Caught Running By Abigail Roux – Review


Caught Running By Abigail Roux

Although This book is not easy reading in places, I still love it.
This is the story of Jake and Brandon. Brandon is a nerd and Jake is a Jock. Both teachers at their old high school, they live in separate worlds until Brandon is told he’s about to become an assistant coach.
Forced to work together, the two soon start to appreciate what the other has to go through each day in their personal lives and their careers. When Jake makes a pass at Brandon, on a hunch, they embark on an affair that soon turns into a lot more.
It talks about courage and looks at the things high school students have to go through as well as where the choices we make in our youth can lead us.

As I said, it’s not easy reading. There are a hell of a lot of point of view shifts in it and you have to pay attention or it’s really easy to get confused, but I encourage you to power through because despite that it’s a great story guaranteed to make you fall in love with the characters.

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