How to Wednesday. 

As I’ve said before I’m going to walk you all through my book publishing journey.

I started by previously posting

How to write a book. 

How to pick a cover designer.


How to find beta readers

I’ve now decided that instead of just writing these posts whenever the whim takes me,  I’m going to limit them to one day a week. Hence,  How To Wednesday.

I will not be limiting How To Wednesday to things to do with book writing and publishing. It will be any “how to”  I fancy but publishing ones will be included.

I will be kicking off “How To Wednesday” tonight with one that is to do with publishing “How To Find An Editor” after that we will see where the mood takes me.  Also if anyone has any How To’s they would like me to look into for them, leave a message. If it interests me and is within my capabilities I might try it and blog the answer.

So come back later for How To Find An Editor.

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