How To: Remove Cat Pee 

Hello, and welcome to How To Wednesday.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have these things in my house. They laze around and make a mess with food… What are they called again?

Oh, yes, teenagers!

Thanks to one of my teenagers I have had to learn how to remove the smell of cat pee.

Why is it the teenager’s fault? I hear you ask.

Well, my teenagers have this thing about shutting their bedroom doors to keep the cats out because despite the cats having this scratching post20160226_174609, along with umpteen other toys,  apparently, they have nothing better to do than play with my kid’s makeup. (Personally, I’ve never seen the cats wearing lipstick but hey ho)

Anyway, thanks to this habit my teenagers have, one of these, cat v1got shut in a bedroom for a whole day. As you can imagine it didn’t end well.

The results were a night dress, poncho and bedding covered in cat pee, and let me tell you, IT STINKS!

I rushed to get the stuff in the washing machine while trying my hardest not to gag.

My first bit of advice: Don’t waste your time just washing the stuff. It doesn’t work.

When I removed the washing and took a whiff the smell was just as bad if not worse, so I tried a different tactic.

Attempt two: A hot wash with the strongest smelling detergent I could find and extra fabric conditioner.

The results? Let’s just say I was trying to decide which bin to put the stuff in while frantically opening windows.

I decided it was time to up my game. This called for some strong scent power. I know people in the UK will be familiar with Lenor scent boosters. lenorGreat things. Cost a fortune, but great.

Well, roughly half a bottle of these got added to a sixty-degree wash.

This had now become a mission, I was not letting a smell beat me.

Did it work? Did it heck.

It was time to call on the powers that be for advice.

Yep, I Googled!

This brought me to,

Attempt Three: wash the items on a hot wash, in baking soda and cider vinegar. The amount of baking soda was not specified (by anyone) but the general consensus was two to three cups of vinegar.

Apparently, the baking soda helps lift the stain and the vinegar deodorises.  So I tried it.

Firstly let me point out that I have no idea what cups they were using but mine weren’t big enough. Using a basic measuring cup does not provide enough vinegar to deodorise so straight away you can scrap that measurement.

The cat sat laughing at me as I sniffed the first attempt and I can tell you without a doubt, it was no better.

It turned out the word cup should actually have been bottle. At least, that’s what it took me. Two wash loads, three bottles of vinegar and a whole carton of baking soda.

So here is the method that worked for me.

Attempt… Lost Count:

Firstly only do about half a wash load, maximum. Any more than that and I think the baking soda just can’t circulate well enough.

I used about half a small tub of baking soda, placed directly in the drum with the washing.

A bottle and a half of cider vinegar is then placed in the drum too. Just don’t do what I did and pour it over the washing quickly. It will roll straight down the washing and out of the drum. Yeah… I really didn’t think it through when I poured the vinegar into a cup and tipped it onto the washing.

Add your detergent however you normally would and fabric conditioner. You need a decent fabric conditioner. One with a nice strong smell.

Wash the Items on a 60-degree wash, 70 if possible. Anything less and it won’t work. If you can’t wash the items on a temperature that high then sorry, it’s the bin for them. My philosophy is if you will have to chuck them away anyway, just wash them, they are ruined already.

And voila, No more cat pee. Though be warned, it might take two washes to totally eliminate it all but it will work!

Until next time.


P.S. Don’t forget. Any suggestions for How To Wednesday, leave a comment below.


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