How To: Take Care Of A Vomiting Dog.

Hello everyone and welcome to How To Wednesday.

Unfortunately, this post is a day late because… I was taking care of a vomiting dog.

Poor little Holly has been under the weather. 20150919_162239On Monday night we were woken by the sounds retching as my little munchkin was very sick. This sickness continued throughout the day.

As a loving pet owner, my first thought was to take her to the vets, but this is actually not always the best way to initially handle the situation.

A dog being sick can be caused by a number of different things ranging from a bug to worms, to cancer. Scary isn’t it?

The sad fact is that without running a number of, probably expensive, tests a vet has no way of knowing the cause. So where does that leave you?

Well, this is where I started. Please let me stress this is advice given by a vet but if you are very concerned about your dog’s condition, or if your dog is vomiting blood, please visit your own vet for advice.


Step One:

Remove food and water for ten hours.

I will admit, I did not remove the water. My dog was being sick, I figured she would want a drink. I did remove the food for eight hours.

Step two:

Introduce food again slowly, starting with something bland like rice and chicken.

I did this at eight in the evening. It did not look at all appetising but my poor baby was so hungry she ate it. She actually managed to hold the food down until five in the morning, when she was sick again.

Step three:

Provide small meals frequently throughout the day.

I gave holly small portions of tinned meat and was pleased to see her sickness was becoming less and less.

Step four:

Watch out for your dog faking the illness so the pampering gets prolonged.

Holly is used to being fed on Complete dried food. I’m seriously starting to think she is now faking it so I continue to give her meat.

This evening she was running around getting toys all over the floor but as soon as I entered the kitchen she suddenly appeared ill again.

Step five:

Gradually introduce normal food once more.

I’m now mixing small portions of meat and dried food and Holly seems to be holding it down well and feeling much better.

So, that’s how I’ve taken care of a vomiting dog. As I said, this might not be the best course of action for you. If you are worried that it could be something serious, or you see no improvement in 24 hours, please, consult your own vet. But if you think It might be a bug then this is worth trying first.

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “How To: Take Care Of A Vomiting Dog.

  1. Hey Gem, this is so timely for me because my Harry has been vomiting for the past few days. Still not 100 per cent sure of the problem but I think it might be caused by eating my Lamb’s poo droppings. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

    Liked by 1 person

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