That’s My Name!

As I step further away from the mid thirties and closer to the big four zero mark, I find my self having forgetful moments.

I admit I’ve never had the best of memories but recently I seem to be getting worse. I had a prime example of this today.

I saw a post on Facebook reminding me that it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo. Egar to join up I rushed to the site and swiftly filled in the form.

I was really excited, so imagine my disappointment when it said my name was taken.


I also admit to being a big kid so this instantly sent my mind into a rant.

That’s my name! I use Gem Stone, how dare someone beat me to it?

This resulted in ten minutes of me frantically going though alternatives of Gem Stone trying to find one the site would allow.

At last I found one so I dashed to the bottom of the page to sign up, and that’s when I spotted another message in a red box.  Email already taken. 


Now hold on, that’s my email and I know no one else is using it!

And that’s when it hit me… I suddenly knew why I couldn’t have the name Gem Stone. Because I already had it!

I signed up for NaNoWriMo four months ago and totally forgot about it.

It seems I had experienced my first real senior moment. I wonder what I will forget next.


4 thoughts on “That’s My Name!

  1. Aww, don’t feel too bad. I once spent countless minutes searching for a particular street in an exhausted stupor…before it hit me that I was already driving down the very street I’d been looking for. 😛


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