Leaving the nest. 

A scarey thing happened this last week. 

My eldest child left home. Now she is eighteen and bringing in her own income. She has decided to move in with her boyfriend. 

He is a lovely boy and I know he will take care of her but as a mother I still worry. 

Will she be alright? Is she eating properly? Has she figured out how to use the washing machine yet? 

If her time at home is anything to go by I can only assume she is just fine. 

Okay, she can’t cook, or use a washing machine, and has no idea what bleach is. But she has a boyfriend who will do all that stuff for her. 

Infact, now I think about it, I’m getting the better end of the deal here. A spare room to turn into anything I want. Less washing to do and cheaper food bills. 

Every cloud has a silver lining! 


3 thoughts on “Leaving the nest. 

  1. Yes, scarey times indeed, but also liberating for you. I can completely relate. My daughter is 18, has just finished school and is on the verge of leaving home.
    Maybe your daughters boyfriend will teach her to cook!


  2. You’ll miss her soon enough. She’ll learn to cook when necessity arises, sooner rather than later I wager. 😉
    As for the washing, expect your first bin bag full be next weekend. Lol


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