New Destinations

It was with great joy that I finished work today because tomorrow we go away for a dirty five da… that is… a five day break, and it’s actually to somewhere other than Skegness.

Tomorrow morning at six o’clock (at least that’s what my fella thinks, bless him, we will see, lol)  We head off to Great Yarmouth for sun (alright, it will most likely be raining) sand (okay, it might be too breezy to brave the beach) and sea (hmm, probably a bit too cold for that)

Alright, odds are it will be a rainy five days spent in yet another metal box with plug sockets. But… It will be a whole five days with no kids!

Yep, the wanderer, who moved out last week is returning, boyfriend and cat in tow,  to look after my fifteen-year-old while the fella and I escape. Five days of no children and no work. I don’t care if it rains, it will be bliss.

Unfortunately, it means the editing I’m supposed to be doing will once again be pushed to the back burner, but I’m sure it will provide plenty of inspiration for my blog, as my holidays usually do.

Fingers crossed, this time, there will be no mud traps for us to get stuck in.

It is the first time my fella has driven to Yarmouth, so who knows how many times we will get lost. We do have sat nav, however, the dozy mare on it does have a habit of telling us to turn when we have already passed the street. Still, it’s an adventure and wrong turns are all part of the fun.

So, next time I write to you all it will be from a caravan in Great Yarmouth. (Assuming we make it there)



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