How To: Avoid Looking Greedy At An All You Can Eat Buffet. 

Hello, and welcome to How To Wednesday. 
Today the fella and I visited Pizza Hut for their all you can eat buffet. As we sat, plates piled high, tucking into our meals, I couldn’t help noticing a lady with only one slice of pizza and a bit of salad. She ate her pizza and left with her friend. I wondered why someone would come to a buffet and have so little food. 

When my fella and I got seconds I noticed many more who seemed very cautious about how much food they got. I can not believe they were all watching their weight. I could only assume these people did not want to look greedy. 

As a large lady I’m past caring, but I feel sorry for those who do worry so thought I would give some suggestions of how to enjoy a buffet without looking like a pig. 

So here they are, enjoy… 

  1. Wear a coat. A coat gives the impression you have just entered from outside. For the first two trips to the counter, keep it on. It implies you have only just arrived. 
  2. Ladies. Wear a scarf. There are many alternate ways to wear a scarf. Change it each time you go up so you appear different. 
  3. Go up with different people. Wait for a new group to go up and stand near them as if you are part of their group. You are less likely to be noticed. 
  4. Change scarf.  If possible have a new scarf in your handbag and change it half way through the meal. 
  5. Get a clean plate. A fresh plate each time makes it seem like it’s your first trip to the counter. 
  6. Move tables. If possible, change where you sit. The busy wait staff are more inclined to think you’re a new customer. 
  7. Get one piece of pizza at a time. Plan your trips to go to the counter when it is very busy. But only grab one slice of pizza at a time so you don’t look greedy. 
  8. Take a different route to the counter with each trip. This might confuse the staff about how often you have visited. 
  9. Ask others to get you something. Bide your time until someone in your party is going for seconds then just casually ask… Since your going, could you get me…?
  10. Go with a friend who has a child. When you have filled your own plate offer to get the child’s. This is a brilliant opportunity to load their plate with extra stuff you like. When you return to your table you can then transfer the stuff to your plate. 
  11. Drop something you don’t like on the floor. This one requires a bit of careful planning. When you make your first trip to the counter be sure to select a separate something that you don’t like. Once you have nearly finished eating accidentally drop said item onto the floor. This provides a perfect chance to return to the counter to get a replacement. Along with some other things. 
  12. Pick at your plate as you fill it. This has the duel advantage of reducing your number of trips and getting you more food than can actually fit on the tiny plates they provide. 

    So there you have it. Twelve ways to enjoy a buffet to your hearts content without looking like a glutton. If anyone can think of any other suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments and as always, any How  To suggestions leave them below too. 

    Until next time. 


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