Sunset Reads: William and Christina By D.C. Triana – Review


Sunset Reads Is a sweet read. It focuses on William Jameson and Cristina Cruz. Thrown together in the publishing world, they have to learn to work with each other. Christina is a writer and William takes over her publishing house. Both used to doing things their own way, it inevitably leads to them crashing skulls as they navigate business and their own attraction for each other, which they fight for quite some time.
To begin with, it is hard to cheer for Christina in this book. Her willful personality and stubbornness have you rolling your eyes thinking, find someone else, William. But as her softer side appears, throughout the story, you can’t help but urge the couple on. I did find it took a while for the pair to get their act together and find their happy ending but it was still an enjoyable read and definitely one to make you go awwwww.

Sunset Reads: Amazon

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