True Pain


As I sit here at my laptop, I can’t help wondering what I’ve done that’s so bad  it warrants the torture I’ve been subjected to today. As if I hadn’t suffered enough in the last twenty-four hours, I’ve now had my eyes and mind subjected to the most awful things… but I’m getting ahead of myself, this all began yesterday…

I woke up with the joyful knowledge that I had a Sunday off work. This joy quickly vanished when I tried to move. My back, which likes to play up at the best of times, decided that it was going to make my life hell. By four in the afternoon the pain was so bad I ended up at the A&E department of our local hospital where a nice doctor explained that the muscles in my back wouldn’t stop spasming. With a handbag full of painkillers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, I returned home, and that’s when the torture really began.

Needless to say, I can’t move much. This gave my other half the perfect opportunity to expose me to some of the worst things I’ve ever seen. As I’ve mentioned before, he is a film buff, he even has his own movie review site What I haven’t mentioned is he watches some of the biggest piles of dung ever to leave a living body.

Seeing I had no means of escape, he took the opportunity to introduce me to some of the worst films ever to see the light of day. Forgoing the romcoms and 80’s classics I’d love to watch he decided to educate me on some of the lesser known films out there..  like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter , Toxic Avenger and Excess Flesh. How these films ever made it as far as the TV I will never know.

With nothing to do but stare at the screen, feeling my brain cells slip away one by one, I prayed for my back to heal quickly or the pain killers to knock me out.

The things we put up with in the name of love!



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