It’s Only Writing

It’s only writing.

When I heard this phrase earlier in the week I couldn’t help but be offended. Is that really what some people think? Do they not realise how much time and effort goes into writing a book?

The aching fingers from typing too much when the muse rides you.

The sleepless nights when you have ideas rolling around your head and not enough time to write them all down.

The stress of being unable to find the right words.

The joy at finding the perfect ones.

The tears when you must kill off a character you love.

The pain when you write how the other characters feel about it.

The annoyance when you realise you forgot about a key point of the plot and have to rewrite a whole chapter.

The elation of finishing your first draft. (Usually after months of all the above)

The irritation of editing.

The re-editing.

More editing.

The proofreading.

If you’re an indie author like myself – The formatting – The publishing.

The self-doubt.

The marketing

The happiness at your first good review.

The tears at your first bad one.

I know the person who said the words to me won’t see this post but maybe someone else who thinks the same way will and, the next time they read a book, perhaps they will remember-

All of the above is ONLY WRITING!





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