Reading With New Eyes

I discovered yesterday that becoming an author has ruined my enjoyment of some books. It’s something that I find very depressing.

It all began when I rushed to buy a new book from one of my favourite indie authors. As it is someone on my must buy list I was extremely excited by the new release and bounced with joy that I had a few days off to read it.

Tossing all will to write aside, I grabbed a coffee,  got comfortable,  and opened my kindle eager to get lost in a story I knew I would enjoy….and that’s when the problems started….

I was extremely disappointed to notice that some of the key points I have learnt in my writing journey had been totally disregarded by one of my favourite authors.

As I trolled through he said/she said… Total lacks of action tags,  and constant repeated words in sentences, I found myself continually distracted from the story as I corrected the writing in my head.

Please let me stress,  I’m not just nitpicking, this was blatant bad writing.

Now I’m not claiming to know it all. I’m still learning and I’m sure many people could pick plenty of faults with my own work. But this person has hit the New York Times bestsellers list in the past. So,  to put it plainly, I expected better.

Is this how it will be now?

Will my enjoyment of books be diminished by my knowledge of decent writing?

I can’t help being upset that a book I would have found brilliant in I past, I now found to be extremely poorly edited. I wish I could say it was just  this book but on checking past works I was surprised to see that the editing was not great on those either.

Are my standards too high?

Am I just picky?

I don’t think so,but I do wonder how many other books I will read and find lacking. How many more authors I will decide are not as good as I thought.

Will I forever be reading books with new eyes?

13 thoughts on “Reading With New Eyes

  1. Oh gosh. I have this problem A LOT, and it hasn’t gotten better with time. Nope. Just the opposite. I’m astounded by the sheer number of books that reach ‘bestseller’ status but lack basic writing skills. I realize these books are often in popular genres and the stories are quite good, but it still irks me. Then again, maybe I’m just a jealous cow.

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    1. I’d like to think it’s not jealousy. I’ve only released on book and have no illusions about being a bestseller. I know I still have a lot to learn and am not good enough for that. (yet… I live in hope for the future lol) I can’t deny the stories this author wrote are brilliant and with decent editing the books would be great, but yes, I can’t help wondering…. How the hell does something that is so poorly written become a bestseller?

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