Straight By Seth King – Review


Straight by Seth King

Pages: 181

This book is the story of Henry and Ty.
Henry the, straight, all-American football player, randomly meets Ty who is flamboyant and openly gay on a bus one day, it follows their story as Henry discovers he’s not as straight as he always assumed he was. While Ty leads him on a journey through the gay community, it tells the emotional turmoil Henry experiences as he comes to terms with what his life will be like if he follows his heart to Ty.
It was an ok read. I like the relevance to the current times and think it gives good awareness of the emotions people in that situation would be feeling. They are strong characters and the book is well written, though there are a few occurrences where their names get mixed up which can lead to a bit of confusion.
On the whole, it’s a good read but I did find that Henrys back and forth – can’t make his mind up what he wants – did annoy me after a while. You find yourself screaming at the book “For God’s sake, just make a blooming decision.” and wanting them to just get to the happy ever after. However, I feel, anything that gets me annoyed in that way but I still continue to read is a good book so it’s deserving of four stars.

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