Bye Bye Reviews – Update

As anyone who read my previous post will know, last week I lost my Amazon UK reviews.

I woke up one morning to find they had all gone.

Now, we are only talking about eleven little reviews, but damn it, they were mine and I was thoroughly not impressed.

Determined to have my say about it, I sent a very strongly worded email to Amazon asking why my reviews had been removed, especially considering at least half of them were verified purchases.

It took over twenty-four hours to get a reply but when I did, I was surprised to read that they had not touched my reviews and they were all still displayed on my book page.

Needless to say, I was very confused. Quickly loading the page, I scanned it, only to find that they were still not there. I even got friends to confirm this.

I went to work that day planning my response in my head. Eight hours later I got home and logged onto Amazon only to find my reviews had miraculously returned and were displaying exactly as they were before.

Now, despite what Amazon say. I have eyes and I know for a fact those reviews were not available for at least a day and a half.  I can only conclude that they removed them believing some of them to be fake and when I pointed out that a lot of them were verified purchases, they returned them.

It would have been nice if Amazon had admitted this and apologized but I guess I should know better than to expect things like that. For now, I’m just happy that the reviews are back. As a new author, I need all the help I can get to encourage people to try my work so every one of them is important to me.

Fingers crossed this will be the last time Amazon do this to me but if anyone else finds their reviews missing. Question it. Email Amazon demanding they explain. Who knows, yours might miraculously return too.



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