West Running Wild – Coming Soon!

Well, it’s been a long time in coming but I want to share with you the first book I wrote. Despite it being the first one I completed it didn’t get published first. I’m pleased to say it’s finally, nearly ready to be viewed by people other than friends and family.

So here it is….

West Running Wild: A Contemporary Romance.

Coming Soon!


 Catherine West is the caretaker of the wild sanctuary, but she has dreams of running her own.

Marcus Wild runs Wild Enterprises, but he wants to own it.

In order for them both to get what they want Marcus must do something he never has before. He has to care!

Thanks to his dad’s will, he’s about to get a crash course in animal care from Cathy. With dogs stealing his bed, rats eating his contracts, and cats invading his bathroom, Marcus is thrown totally out of his comfort zone, a state that isn’t helped by Cathy.

With her soft curves teasing him and laughter following him wherever he goes, the man who doesn’t do commitment is beginning to think it’s time he tried a proper relationship. If only he could convince Cathy to agree to his plan.

Fur flies when West meets Wild!

Ethereal Lives


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