How To Survive In Retail: The Shop Assistants Guide To Reaching Retirement

Something all well-known authors will tell you is, the best way to get noticed is to write a ‘how to’ book.

A few weeks ago I was lying in bed pondering this and it occurred to me that I don’t know how to do anything. If I’m honest I’m flying by the seat of my pants with this whole author thing. In fact, the only thing I do know is how to do, is be a shop assistant. Which leads me to the title of this post.

I decided if I was going to write a ‘how to’ guide that’s what it would be about. Though, in true Gem Stone fashion, I couldn’t do it seriously. So, I teamed up with my good friend R.J.H McDowell, who also works in retail, and together we have written…

How To Survive In Retail: The Shop Assistants Guide To Reaching Retirement. 

Coming Soon To a Book Website Near You!


Do you feel unappreciated? Do you wish someone would say what your job is really like? Do you work in retail?

If you answered yes, this book is a must read for you!

Join us as we take a light-hearted romp through the trials and tribulations of the retail profession. With full details on what is expected of you, the management system explained in full, and a glossary covering many of the phrases you are likely to hear during a day at work, plus, much, much more.

Let us talk you through the life of a shop assistant.

Coming Soon!


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