What If You Don’t Like It?

As I put in a previous post, I have a new book coming out soon. West Running Wild.

This is the first book I ever completed and I’m really excited about its release, with one exception. I hate the cover!

Despite my instructions and even providing samples of the type of cover I want, the designers still didn’t produce one I like.

I thought I might grow to like it, and spent all weekend convincing myself it was alright but in the end, I had to admit, I just can’t keep it.

What I hate, is the background. I think it makes the book childish and if I’m honest, I imagine a telly tubby running over the hill at any moment.See what I mean?

So where did this leave me?

Even tough the cover already had the maximum three revisions, I contacted the designer and explained how I felt. My suggestion to remove the background has been forwarded and now I’m waiting.

Will it look better without tubby land?

I don’t know.

I hope so but well will see. If I still don’t like I’m unsure what I’ll do. Probably pay for another. I suppose I should be grateful I have the option to pick and chose. Traditionally published authors don’t have that liberty. I honestly don’t know how they cope if they don’t like what they are given.

Here’s hoping I do like mine in the end.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

3 thoughts on “What If You Don’t Like It?

    1. I think my main issue with it is that I wouldn’t buy a book with that cover. When I first saw it I told them my feelings but they said without reading the book its hard to do a cover. I really can’t believe every cover designer reads the book before making the cover. I guess I’ll see what it looks like without the background and go from there

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      1. If you’re paying mega bucks for the cover and they’re going to be spending several days working on it, you’d expect them to read it first, but if not, this sounds like an excuse for a lack of imagination. Besides, the cover shouldn’t tell the story of the book, it should create a feeling about it.

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