The Final Result

I’m extremely pleased to say, the design company came through for me.

Today I received a new copy of my cover and I actually really like it. Gone is Telly Tubby land and in its place, a sleek, one colour background, with feathers, just as I asked.

I can’t express how relieved I am to be releasing my latest book with a cover I like.

So here it is…. The new cover for West Running Wild.

Coming Soon!

Catherine West is the caretaker of the wild sanctuary, but she has dreams of running her own.

Marcus Wild runs Wild Enterprises, but he wants to own it.

In order for them both to get what they want Marcus must do something he never has before. He has to care!

Thanks to his dad’s will, he’s about to get a crash course in animal care from Cathy. With dogs stealing his bed, rats eating his contracts, and cats invading his bathroom, Marcus is thrown totally out of his comfort zone, a state that isn’t helped by Cathy.

With her soft curves teasing him and laughter following him wherever he goes, the man who doesn’t do commitment is beginning to think it’s time he tried a proper relationship. If only he could convince Cathy to agree to his plan.

14 thoughts on “The Final Result

      1. My prices are always negotiable, believe me! If you let me know what you need edited (as in word count) and your budget, I’m sure we could reach a price that we’re both happy with. Let me know.


      2. I need a developmental editor for a 69,000 word manuscript. I currently have two options, both cost around £200 and both are professional editors.


      3. Sorry, I actually wrote that wrong in my last message. my other options are 200 dollars because the editors are American which makes it about 160 pounds for me because Im British.


      4. I am willing to go as low as £160, though no lower. You cannot expect a reasonable edit of 69,000 words for such a low amount, let alone the professional edit I would give you.


      5. The only reason it works out so low with them is because they work in Dollars. It’s great for me since the pound is stronger lol. The work that will need editing won’t be ready for a few weeks as I only just got it back from a beta reader. I’ve book marked your website and will be in touch, if that’s OK?


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